Liquidity and Bankroll Pre-sale

Using the dashboard you can contribute your investments.

  • Total Depositor:
  • Total ETH Deposited : ETH
  • Your contribution: ETH (%)
  • Token Price:100,000 AceD per ETH
  • Soft Cap:200 ETH
  • Hard Cap:700 ETH

Participate in our sale,
tokens will be distributed at Uniswap launch.

Countdown triggers after soft cap is raised.

Bronze Pool

Min 50k AceD. Min 0.5 ETH.

70% APY

Silver Pool

Min 100k AceD. Min 1 ETH.

80% APY

Gold Pool

Min 250k AceD. Min 2.5 ETH.

100% APY

Diamond Pool

Min 500k AceD
Min 5 ETH

Profit Sharing
Sapphire Pool

Min 1M AceD
Min 10 ETH

Profit Sharing